Slogin 2.9.0

We have prepared a release of the social authorization component Joomla - Slogin version 2.9.0. Update is relevant for Joomla 3.

This is a big update to the SLogin component. It contains changes for half a year. Basically, these are the changes that users sent us.

What's new in Slogin v2.8.2?

  • Updated language variables.
  • Bitbucket and Github authorization plugins added - Two plugins have been added that release the corresponding functionality. Thanks to Arvind Padmanabhan for this development on Github.
  • The layout of the component and module has been completely updated - in anticipation of the release, we have significantly updated the layout of the module and component, the same styles, in the next version we continued to work in this direction.
  • The rejection of different styles files for the module and component, now the file is one.
  • A new stylization of a compact and extended type of module - styles have become much more versatile and compact.
  • Google authorization fixes - thanks to Alexander Lityagin.
  • Fixes for the main component - thanks to Alexander Lityagin.
  • Links for Donate have been fixed - donation widgets have been redesigned, widgets in the component have been removed and replaced with a button.
  • Copyrights are actualized.
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