Content Cart
Version: 1.1.3 Type: Free
Compatibility: Joomla 3 Extension: Module, Plugin

Plugin online store Joomla

Content Cart - This extension allows you to organize a simple online store based on Joomla articles.

The set of extensions allows you to add items to the Joomla articles and create a simple online store. The extension allows you to add the 'Add to cart' button to the Joomla article (com_content), which adds the product to the basket from which the order is already made.

The package includes:

  • Module Shopping Cart
  • Plugin processing

Features Content Cart

  • Full compatibility with Joomla 3.8 and higher.
  • Button in Joomla articles "Add to cart".
  • Processing of the price field.
  • Support for Russian and English.
  • Counts the number of units in the order.
  • Notification on email about the order.
  • Saves the order as a separate material in a special category.
  • Configure customer data.
  • Set up a link to the shopping cart.
  • Customizing templates: baskets, "add to cart" buttons, sending email.
  • Disable extension styles.

Version History Content Cart


  • Change Donate buttons and language variables.
Version History

All Version History Content Cart


  • Change Donate buttons and language variables.


  • Template override fix.
  • Corrections of language variables.
  • Fix plugin installation file.
  • Changed the update server.


  • Added language variables
  • Updated the code according to the API Joomla


  • New template styles.
  • All styles are in a separate file.
  • Fix the override of the shopping cart template.
  • Options for disabling styles.
  • Fixes for the update north.


  • Stable release of the shopping cart system for Joomla articles.

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