JL Comments PRO
Version: 3.3.0 Type: Commercial
Compatibility: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3 Extension: Plugin

JL Comments PROJL Comments PRO is a commercial version of 'JL comments' popular plugin. This time we want to go ahead and implement an option to integrate JL comments with other components. Now it integrates with the 8 most popular components: com_content, K2, ZOO, ADSmanager, EasyBlog, VirtueMart 2.0, JoomGallery, and JoomShopping.

In the past, hack workarounds were required to integrate social comments with them. Now you do not have to worry that component upgrade may render social comments or jcomments inoperable.

We tried to make plugin configuration procedure more easy and convenient, with an integration procedure being just one click away.

When you purchase the plugin you get an excellent solution for Joomla social comments which allows you to cover almost 90% of the web site audience making it possible for your visitors to communicate without any web site authenticaton required.

The package includes:

  • Plugin JL Comments PRO.
  • Element Zoo.
  • Plugin JoomShooping.
  • Plugin K2.
  • Plugin ADSmanager.
  • Plugin JoomGallery.

Version for Joomla 1.5 is not supported.The latest version for Joomla 1.5: 2.9

Features JL Comments PRO

  1. Compatibility with Joomla 3.
  2. Full compatibility with Joomla 2.5.
  3. Fully compatible with Joomla 1.5.(Version for Joomla 1.5 is not supported. The latest version for Joomla 1.5: 2.9)
  4. Support for JComments 2.3.
  5. Output in the tabs comments: Google+, Vkontakte, Facebook and JComments.
  6. Native js mootools framework (only Joomla 1.5).
  7. Native js jquery framework.
  8. Compatibility with com_content.
  9. Compatibility with CCK K2 v 2.5/2.6.
  10. Compatibility with CCK ZOO
  11. Compatibility with ADSmanager 2.6 and above.
  12. Compatible with VirtueMart store v2.
  13. Compatible with JoomGallery.
  14. Compatible with EasyBlog.
  15. Compatability with JoomShopping 3.x/4.x.
  16. Problem of comments loss solved by page duplication.
  17. Correct link definition from social networks.
  18. Memory storage of the last active tab.
  19. Turning the tabs on and off.
  20. Change the order of the tabs.
  21. Tiny size.
  22. Plugin easy installation and setup.
  23. Language selection option.
  24. Output counters comments for tabs (JComments, Vkontakte, Facebook).
  25. Support systems comments Zoo.
  26. Options for managing icons.

For correct operation of the plug needed for setting APIid it must be registered in the social network vkontakte.ru and be authorized.

Pass by reference

See on the site

Issue: the site name, site address.

Click on Save.

Получение APIID для плагина комментарии Вконтакте

After saving now see the following picture:

Number that you are interested in the screenshot is outlined in red. Enter it in the appropriate field, the plugin settings. And your website is ready for operation.

Получение APIID для плагина комментарии Вконтакте

Version History JL Comments PRO


  • CSS Fix
  • JS Fixes
  • Code optimization
  • Support for the adaptability of Facebook and Facebook widgets
Version History

All Version History JL Comments PRO


  • CSS Fix
  • JS Fixes
  • Code optimization
  • Support for the adaptability of Facebook and Facebook widgets


  • Updates VK API.
  • Updates plugin for EasyBlog.
  • Expanded use of the tag {jlcommentspro}.
  • Corrections for tabs.
  • Added icons for the tabs.
  • Added options for managing icons.


  • Added ability to display standard comments Zoo.
  • Fix JoomShopping.
  • Bugfix.


  • Correction of errors in k2
  • Correction of errors in the ZOO
  • Correction of errors in EasyBlog
  • Added setting http for compatibility with some extensions Joomla
  • Added manual output for EasyBlog


  • Bugfix .
  • Update layout tabs.


  • Added English language files.
  • Bugfix .
  • Added comments Google+.


  • Refusal to support Mootools.
  • Refusal to support Joomla 1.5.
  • Completely rewritten plugin.
  • Redesigned tabs, tab translated into Bootstrap.
  • Reorganized the plugin admin panel .
  • Support JoomShopping 4 .
  • Plug-in integration with gallery JoomGallery.
  • Integration with EasyBlog.
  • Added tab Google+.
  • Settings for the Administration tab Google+.
  • Added option to display counters comments in tabs (FaceBook, FaceBook , JComments).
  • Added settings to control output widget comments Facebook ( choice of colors , the sort order of comments) .
  • Fixed problem displaying Facebook tab .


  • Fixing problems with FaceBook.


  • Added the ability to control the names of the tabs across the plugin settings .
  • Added option to replace tabs standard comments JComments component K2.
  • Added ZOO item version of an old version of a component for Joomla 1.5.
  • Bugfix .


  • ZOO plugin converted to element ZOO.
  • Fixes for the plugin JoomShopping.
  • Compatible with ADSManager above 2.6.
  • Bugfix .


  • Bugfix .
  • Increased compatibility with JQ.
  • Corrections for Zoo Joomla 1.5


  • Bugfix.
  • Improves compatibility with JQ.
  • Corrections for Zoo Joomla 1.5


  • Improved support for Joomla 3.
  • Bugfix.


  • Added support for ZOO.
  • Number of comments added output tab Jcomments.
  • Added option to display comments plugin for a place comments K2.
  • Corrected errors.


  • Added support for k2 2.6
  • Added support for joomla 3.0 (test)
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Add meta tags.
  • Solved compatibility issues with some hosting.
  • Support Intenet shop JoomShopping 3.x.


  • Fixed problem with subfolders.
  • Added additional output options on the page.
  • Optimized code.
  • Correction of errors.
  • Changes in the formation of channels of links. (enable compatibility mode).


  • Tab control (enable / disable tabs, change poyardka tabs).
  • Poddarzhka ADSmanager 2.6.
  • Jcomments 2.3 support in all extensions that integrate plug.
  • Choice framework jquery or mootools.
  • Remembering the last active tab.
  • bugfix


  • The final release for joomla 1.7

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