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Version: 2.10.1 Type: Free
Compatibility: Joomla 3 Extension: Component, Module, Plugin

OAuth authentication Joomla


Description Slogin

Social Login, social network authentication component allows to login to Joomla web site via following social networks: Vkontakte, Ulogin, Telegram, Twitter, Twitch, FaceBook, LinkedIn,, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Instagram, WordPress, Yahoo, Google, Bitbucket, Github and

You can quickly and easily configure all providers authorization through service

Complete set comprises:

  • Integral Social authentication component package
  • Social Login, Joomla social authentication component.
  • Authentication module.
  • Account management plugin.
  • Social profiles plugin.
  • Social networks authentication plugins for: Vkontakte, Ulogin, Twitter, Twitch, FaceBook, Telegram, Instagram, Bitbucket, Github, WordPress, LinkedIn,, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Yahoo, Google, and
  • Comments integration plugin JComments. (link to developer web site)

Free add-ons:

Integration with JoomShopping Download
Integration SLogin - K2 Download
Integration SLogin - Community Builder Download
Integration SLogin - JomSocial Download
Integration SLogin - Kunena Download
Integration SLogin - EasySocial Download
Integration SLogin - VirtueMart Download

Note: Component support is a paid service.

Function component social login


Социальные сети поддерживаемые Slogin

Support for social networks: VK, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Google, Instagram,, Twitch, Bitbucket, Github.

Service authorization: Yandex, Yahoo,, WordPress, Ulogin.

Crossposting when commenting JComments through social networks Facebook and Twitter.


Аватары из социальных сетей

Filling the Joomla user profile at the first authentication.

Filling profile during registration through a social network. Avatar, name, username, email, date of birth.

Getting an email from social networks: Facebook, VK, OK, MS Live, Google, Yandex,, WP.COM, LinkedIn, Yahoo.

Support for avatars social networks Vkontakte, Facebook,, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, LinkedIn, Yandex, Yahoo.

Добавление удаления социального аккаунат для существующего пользователя

You can add a social network to an existing account Joomla..

The user can manage social accounts added to their profiles.

The possibility of merging accounts for already authorized users.

 Админ панель SloginYou can completely change the template component through CSS.

High speed operation due to the lack of intermediary services.

 User Administration Slogin.

 Support free integration with com_user, JComments, Community Builder and EasyBlog.

Localization: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish.

Features Slogin

  1. Joomla support 3.
  2. Joomla support 2.5.
  3. Services support: Vkontakte, Ulogin, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Telegram,, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Instagram,Twitch, WordPress, Google, and
  4. To bind an existing account with a social network.
  5. To unbind the social network accounts.
  6. Aggregation of the accounts for the authenticated users.
  7. Profile fill-in after first authentication.
  8. Changing the social networks buttons appearance.
  9. No extra or intermediate services during authentication procedure.
  10. Support for SEF Joomla.
  11. Integration support for com_user, Community Builder, and EasyBlog.
  12. Avatars support social networks Vkontakte, Facebook,, Odnoklassniki, WordPress, Twitter, Google+.
  13. Localization: Russian, English, Ukrainian.
  14. Support crossposting when commenting JComments through social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Shustry, who really longed for this extension and managed to talk us into its development. Later, he was the one to draw graphics for the extention.

SmokerMan, who developed component and module framework and handed it to us.

JoomLine, we tweaked the framework and added some ideas.

Arkady, who accomplished its development literally 'in a gulp', contributed lots of new ideas and improvements; if it were not him, social authentication would have not emerged for long time.

Version History Social OAuth Joomla - SLogin


  • LinkedIn Plugin Update 
  • VC.COM Plugin Update 
Version History

All Version History Social OAuth Joomla - SLogin


  • LinkedIn Plugin Update 
  • VC.COM Plugin Update 


  • Added plugin for login via Telegram
  • Updated login plugins, VK, Yandex.
  • Updated language variables.
  • Updated CSS and JS files.
  • Updated donation page when installing the package.


  • Bitbucket and Github authorization plugins added.
  • Completely updated layout of the component and module.
  • The rejection of different styles files for the module and component, now the file is one.
  • New styling of a compact and extended look of the module.
  • Google authorization fixes.
  • Fixes for the main component.
  • Fixed links for Donate.
  • Copyrights are actualized.


  • Update logo Facebook and Google
  • Changed update server
  • Removed link from module


  • Lowered privilege request for Facebook plugin.
  • Fix the layout of the admin panel.
  • Change language variables.
  • Added Twitch authentication plugin.
  • Reworked Joomla authorization bypass to filter required authorization fields.
  • Updated module styles.


  • Fix the data request before registration.


  • Fix pligin VK auch.
  • Add donate.
  • Joomla validation is added to the forms.
  • Filtering incorrect emails when creating an account.


  • Integration with Joomla profile fields.
  • Merge the profile if the email matches.


  • Fix plugin Google +
  • Fix plugin Facebook
  • Fix plugin Yandex
  • Fix plugin VK
  • Fix plugin
  • Fix plugin instagram
  • Fix plugin
  • Fix plugin Twitter
  • Fix plugin Yahoo
  • Fix plugin Wordpress
  • Fix plugin


  • Fix initialization of the Registration model for com_users.
  • Fix Facebook.


  • Minification CSS and JS.
  • Changes when the package was removed.
  • Merging accounts through the module.
  • Changes in redirects when merging accounts.


  • Add avatars Yandex.
  • Add support for email on LinkedIn.
  • Add classes and styles Slogin component.
  • Add lang IT for module
  • Updated plugin LinkedIn.
  • Updated plugin Yahoo.
  • Changed language variables.
  • Fixes in removing only Slogin component.
  • Fixes for IE browser.
  • Fix captcha K2.
  • Fix moduleclass_sfx.
  • Fix bug when canceling the authorization.


  • The new css for the component.
  • css fixes.
  • plugin fixes.
  • Small changes in the admin panel component.


  • Updating the admin interface using the service sites.
  • Changing styles and Slogin module design.
  • Removing png sprite.
  • All pictures are expanding svg.
  • Bugfixes.


  • Corrections plugin
  • Corrections plugin Yahoo.
  • Corrections plugin Linkedin.
  • Corrections plugin Instagram.
  • Fix for authorization window.
  • Support service
  • Quick Setup of authentication providers.
  • Settings for in admin panel components.
  • Fix language variables.
  • Error correction.


  • Fix disable links.
  • Fix merge settings of the profile.
  • Modified SEF URLs for providers authorization.
  • Fix callback links Twitter.
  • Fix redirection on facebook login.


  • Bugfix.
  • Modified the language variables.
  • Setting disable remote login


  • Updated Ukrainian localization.
  • Fixed a bug in the plugin authorization Vkontakte.
  • Fixed a bug in the plugin authorization Google+.


  • Updated Ukrainian localization
  • Updated Russian localization.
  • Updated English localization.
  • Updated CSS module styles.
  • Updated installation file.
  • Added language constants.
  • Added plugin authentication Slogin.
  • Added support function to remember me.
  • Added secret keys for added security.
  • Added titles for buttons authorization.
  • Added notification emeil about new user registration.
  • Bugfix.


  • Fix confusion login and logout.
  • Fix linguistic variables.
  • Added pt-PT translation.
  • Added Polish translation.
  • Increasing the size of an avatar Twitter.
  • Correction plugin authorization Yahoo.
  • Fix Sizes popups FB, VK, Yandex.
  • Added library Amchart.
  • Changed the admin panel Slogin.
  • Plugin profile. Added birthday.


  • Added translation nl-NL Dutch.
  • Added receive e-mail from Vkontakte.
  • Added plugin authorization Instagram.
  • Added plugin authorization WordPress.
  • Added support for avatars WordPress.
  • Increased avatars received from Facebook and
  • Updated layout component for Joomla 3.
  • Updated sprite.
  • Updated CSS.
  • Updated module authorization Slogin.
  • Updated language variables.
  • Improved usability windows authentication.
  • Improved speed of the re-authorization.


  • Fix Ajax.


  • Added support for authorization Yahoo.
  • Added css styles Fail component Slogin.
  • New design component Slogin.
  • Changes CSS.
  • Bugfix.
  • Corrections plugin Ulogin.
  • Corrections plugin Google.
  • Support plugin repost social networks, Facebook and Twitter.


  • Fixes for English language localization module variables authorization.


  • Fixing problems with the cache Joomla.
  • Changing the language variables.
  • Fixing problems related to Joomla 3.2.
  • The new layout module authorization Slogin.
  • Added options to the module Slogin.


  • Ulogin authorization support.
  • Bugfix.


  • User removing bug fix for Joomla 3.


  • Social profiles plugin is added.
  • Profile pictures plugin is removed.
  • Language parameters are added.
  • Hyperlink is added to Slogin module.
  • Hyperlink is allowed to be hidden in Slogin module.
  • Authentication plugins bugs are fixed.
  • Bug fix for Joomla 3.
  • Plugin for Jcomments is updated.
  • Accounts merging bug fixing.


  • Authentication library is added.
  • Conflict with Twitter is fixed.


  • Bugfix.
  • Twitter v1.1 API supporting is added.
  • Profile pictures plugin is added (Vkontakte, Facebook,, Odnoklassniki, Twitter). Thanks to artlux for the plugin.
  • Profile pictures are available at the JComments component comments level .
  • JComments needed.
  • Profile pictures are added to the authentication module.
  • Authentication links indexation is closed in order to avoid duplicates.


  • Bug fixing
  • Jcomments Integration plugin is updated.


  • Bug fixing.
  • Module loader is updated using  JS.
  • Authentication through service plugin is added.
  • Pictures sprite is updated.
  • Authentication stage is updated in order to to reduce duplicates.
  • Slogin users managing is added.
  • Language parameters are added.
  • Email validation is added.
  • User is allowed to add new data during social network registration.
  • Auto-naming algorithm is updated to take emails into account.


  • Authentication popups standard sizes are defined.
  • Authentication bugs are fixed.
  • Accounts assigning page is modified in order to avoid  authentication errors and SEF problems.
  • Server for updates is added.
  • Accounts assigning page is modified (registration rejecting buttons and new redirects are added(
  • JS and CSS disabling options are added.
  • Spanish localization is added. Thanks to Marcelo Canina
  • Auto-generated emails are unique now.
  • PHP 5.4 compatibility.
  • Slogin tables clearing is added (non-existent/all users removing).
  • Special symbols in users’ logins problem is fixed.
  • Test version for sites with caching. Slogin excluding from cashed components list.
  • Correct redirect processing when user rejects social networks authorization.


  • UI modifications.
  • Social networks authorization plugins are completely enabled.
  • LinkedIn authorization support.
  • User accounts are unassigned from social networks.
  • CSS classes for buttons are updated to avoid conflicts.
  • Authorization component router is added. Thanks to smart.
  • Single installation package.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Code optimization.
  • JComments comments integration plugin is added.


  • Twitter authorization is optimized.
  • Social networks integrations are supported.
  • Donate information is added to component.
  • Authorization module body is uploaded after page loading.


  • Non-existent view bug fixing.
  • Social networks data set is extended.
  • Module is updated (redirects are fixed).
  • User Management plugin is updated.


  • Bug fixing (minor errors for Joomla 2.5/3.0).
  • Social networks will be unavailable if their authorization profiles aren’t populated.
  • Community Builder and Easyblog integrations are added.
  • English and Ukrainian localizations are added. Thanks to joomlaforum user GDV.
  • External plugins are allowed to be integrated.


  • Odnoklassniki bug is fixed.
  • Bug fixing.


  • User authorization and registration bug fixing.
  • Joomla 3.0 is supported.
  • Accounts management plugin is added to clear tables after user removing.


  • Bug fixing for v1.0.
  • Social networks assigning is improved.
  • Email is requested to be assigned to existing account.
  • New ability to merge authorized users accounts on special page.
  • Icons are updated. Thanks to Shustry.
  • 2 base icon templates are added (big and medium buttons).


  • Base social authentication functionality for Joomla 2.5 is implemented.

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