JL VKcomments
Version: 1.8.1 Type: Free
Compatibility: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3 Extension: Plugin

There is a plugin for Vkontakte popular social network comments.

The package includes:

  • Plugin JL VKcomments
  • Module Vkontakte Latest Comments

Each comment posted via widget will be automatically transferred to the comment contributor page, and also is posted in the News section at their Friends pages. The comment always has a link to the original article. As a result, the comment and article is communicated to the contributor friends, and they can join the discussion. Their comments, in turn, will be communicated to the friends of their friends, and so on. Later, the news concerning the article topic can spread like an avalanche, making a resonant response.

Vkontakte Widget provides an option to reply to comments, with the answers being concurrently communicated both to the article page, and that of the comment contributor, as well as in the friends News section. Automatic synchronization of comment responses causes your article subject to be concurrently discussed at several platforms, with each arresting the attention of new users to the original article.

Web site administrator with the widget code installed, has an option to moderate the discussion directly from the pages of his resource deleting the unwanted comments. It is equally important for the administrator to designate any number of additional moderators to provide the appropriate order via user-friendly interface.

All comments are available to their friends and have a link to the initial article.

Each comment becomes the Vkontakte user status and provides a link to your resource. Not only does the comment show in the News sections of the user's friends, it also shows in the status search of Vkontakte. Thanks to the partnership between Vkontakte and Yandex these statuses will be indexed for a month in Yandex search on a real time basis which will contribute to hit rating of the web sites with the widget installed.

Version for Joomla 1.5 is not supported

Features JL VKcomments

  1. Works with Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 in Native mode.
  2. Does not require user authentication; Vkontakte social network login is sufficient to comment the articles.
  3. Easy installation with all settings required.

Setting JL VKcomments

For correct operation of the plug needed for setting APIid it must be registered in the social network vkontakte.ru and be authorized.

Pass by reference

See here on the site this form.

Issue: the site name, site address.

Click on Save.

Получение APIID для плагина комментарии Вконтакте

After saving now see the following picture:

Number that you are interested in the screenshot is outlined in red. Enter it in the appropriate field, the plugin settings. And your website is ready for operation.

Получение APIID для плагина комментарии Вконтакте

Version History JL VKcomments


  • The widget code is updated.
  • Support for HTTPS sites.
  • The donation widget has been added.
  • Added update server.
Version History

All Version History JL VKcomments


  • The widget code is updated.
  • Support for HTTPS sites.
  • The donation widget has been added.
  • Added update server.


  • Testing for Joomla 3.0
  • Correction of error with output in HTML modules.
  • Bugfix.
  • The ability to update the plug-in, through the installation in the Joomla panel.


  • Module is tested for compatibility with joomla 2.5.
  • Correction of errors.


  • The final version of the module last comments Vkontakte


  • Fixed installer module.


  • Adaptation plugin for joomla 1.7
  • The implementation of the available functional widget comments Vkontakte


  • Translation plugin for joomla 1.6
  • Adding 2 plugins to disable and enable the posting of comments


  • Added the ability of users to attach files of music, video, graffiti, and pictures.


  • Added setting options to publish or not in his microblog.


  • Plug-in fonts.
  • Added setting exclusion category.


  • Fixed display comments.

Attention! when using this version because of the critical changes in the code will stop all previous comments appear on the site.


  • Fixed bug with www and without www.
  • Fixed not display some of the comments.


  • final release

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