JL Content Fields Filter
Version: 2.0.0 Type: Free
Compatibility: Joomla 3, Joomla 4 Extension: Module, Plugin

Filter by Joomla articles

JL Content Fields Filter - This is a free module that filters Joomla articles on custom fields.

You create fields in the admin panel of Joomla and want to filter articles in the category depending on these fields, then this extension is for you.

The package includes:

  • Module JL Content Fields Filter
  • Plugin models override Joomla articles

Attention!!! To get the correct result, do not use the option "default value" in the field settings.

Features JL Content Fields Filter

  • Compatibility  Joomla 5 Alpha.
  • Compatibility Joomla 4.
  • Compatibility Joomla 3.10 and higher. The latest version 2.0.2 is no longer supported
  • Support for Joomla articles.
  • Support for Joomla contacts.
  • Filtering support in Joomla tags (only in tag view).
  • Support for filtering articles in the category by the following fields: text, radio, list, checkboxes.
  • The ability to automatically filter when changing settings.
  • Possibility of obtaining a direct link to the filtered articles.
  • AJAX filtering - does not require reloading the page.
  • Choosing filter templates in the Joomla field settings.
  • The ability to sort materials by parameters.
  • Templating fields in the filter module.
  • Multiple modules on one page.
  • Select a visual representation in the field settings.
  • Filtering input from and to - suitable for filtering by price or by size. Special template with nouislider script for filtering slider inside and out.
  • Ability to exclude categories in the field settings.
  • Filtering in subcategories.
  • Ability to operate the filter without jQuery.
  • Filter SEO component is optional.
  • Option to display the module only in categories.

Version History JL Content Fields Filter


  • Joomla 4 file structure for module and plugin.
  • Replacing outdated Joomla API methods in the component.
  • Tested on Joomla 4.3.3 and Joomla 5.0.0-alpha2.
  • Updated the SEO component for the filter.
Version History

All Version History JL Content Fields Filter


  • Joomla 4 file structure for module and plugin.
  • Replacing outdated Joomla API methods in the component.
  • Tested on Joomla 4.3.3 and Joomla 5.0.0-alpha2.
  • Updated the SEO component for the filter.


  • Support Joomla 4.


  • Filtering fix in tags.
  • Added option to display the module in categories only.


  • Added the ability to work the filter without JQ - Thanks @AlekVolsk
  • Added component SEO allows you to create unique parameters for filtered combinations: Title, description, h1 (works only with get filtering).
  • Added the ability to filter materials in the tag view (only in Tag). By request https://www.domaderevo.ru
  • Improved filtering in subcategories.
  • Fixed slider in range from and to - thanks @dmitriitux


  • Added a template with sliders to change the Range field. Added template rangenouislider. Thanks @dmitriitux.
  • Fixed styles.
  • Improved JS.
  • In the field names you can use language variables.
  • Ajax fixes.
  • Fixes for the option to sort the articles.


  • Fix for Joomla 3.9.


  • Fix for Joomla subcategories.


  • No component.php is required at the root of the template.
  • Correcting error notifications.
  • Added a new file extension to the installation package.


  • The system of overrides of field layouts in filter modules has been improved.
  • Added the ability to exclude individual categories in the field settings.


  • New css styles - rejection of bootstrap2 classes. Thanks AlekVolsk for the new styles.
  • Reset the filter.
  • Added field filtering to the digital field input values ​​from and to.


  •  Loss of filter values ​​when navigating to another page.
  • Reset the filter if it only has checkboxes.
  • Remove empty field values ​​from the filter.
  • Individual layouts for filter fields.


  •  Fix articles filtering when multiple values ​​are selected.
  • Correction notice.
  • Support for Joomla contacts.
  • Updated installer.
  • Code optimization.
  • Change the filter flip-flop.


  •  Fix the filter cleaning button.
  • Option to configure ajax loder.
  • Enabling the plug-in filter when installing.
  • You can output several filter modules with different settings.
  • The filter field settings have been moved to the Joomla article field settings.


  • Correction of language variables.
  • Added Donate.
  • The ability to sort materials by various parameters.
  • Templates of filter fields.
  • Modified the module design.
  • Added setting for specifying the number of columns.
  • Fixes are associated with the publication in the JED.
  • Removing an unnecessary field when filtering.
  • The address of the update server is changed in the package file.


  • English translation.
  • Added language constants.
  • Updating the list of materials via Ajax
  • Sending setup via GET or POST.
  • Automatic filtering when changing parameters.


  • The final release of the module JL Content Field Filter

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