Slogin 2.8.1

We have prepared a release of the social authorization component Joomla - Slogin version 2.8.1. Update is relevant for Joomla 3.

This update, which we promised to do a long time ago, today we are releasing a Slogin update, which brings it back to its source, when we didn’t even ask Donat for using the extension. In this release, the link and everything connected with it are cut from the component.

What's new in Slogin v2.8.1?

  • The Facebook and Google logos have been updated - due to the incoming complaints about Facebook support, which requires users to fully comply with the company's logo, it was decided to update the Facebook logo, and the Google logo has been updated since Google Plus ceased to exist.
  • The update server has been changed - as part of the move to the new platform, the URL of the component update server has been updated.
  • Removed the link from the module - now there are not any links on the front of the component and the module.
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