Update JL Like v2.0

We are pleased to announce a free plug-in social buttons JL Like for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 .

This release is the fruit of a long work on the development of social buttons. In fact, this new plug-in , with the new libraries and new software code. Now it will be easier to update the plug-in, as it is nearly the same opportunities older brother JL Like PRO, only without the support of third-party components.

What's new in JL Like?

  1. Refactoring - code rewritten plugin.
  2. Update CSS - CSS plugin update according to the new opportunities.
  3. Update JS - updated library of buttons, updated library JQ.
  4. Added option to display content in categories Joomla - now social buttons can be derived not only in content , but in the blog category.
  5. Added option to output in any area articles Joomla - we base social withdrawal pressed buttons above and below the article , as well as the left and right of the article , so you can print button in any block articles by specifying the appropriate settings .
  6. Added partial support for Cyrillic domains .
  7. Added buttons : Yandex , My World , Linkedin, Pinteres.
  8. Improved picture - added new features to specify the image that is transmitted in a social network , improved definition pictures for Facebook and other social networks.
  9. Added one when you click on the social network - now for visualization click , clicking to the counter adds 1 after reloading the page displays the actual number of pages varnishes .
  10. Bugfix .
  11. Removed Ukrainian localization - unfortunately we are not able to support Ukrainian localization , this is removed from the release.

Read more about social buttons plugin can read on the official page JL Like.

You can download the plugin from our file archive.

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