JL Social Interlock release

We are happy to inform you that the final version of commercial JL Social Interlock Plugin - "Social Lock" - has been released. We have been developing this plugin for a very long time, delayed its release several times, and now we have it.

 What is social interlock?

You either specify in the settings which category should be locked with a social interlock or insert special tags into the text, and there we are! The plugin locks your content with a special field with social network buttons, making it possible to view the content only after the user has placed a link to your web page on the social networks pages.

The format of the tags is the following: {jllikelock} your text {/jllikelock}

What are the advantages you get?

  • A large number of links from social networks.
  • Social networks traffic.
  • An option to take a symbolic payment for the downloaded content, modules, or promotional codes.

Now a few words about the reason for us to release this plugin and its unique features. It is unique in that it is fully compatible with Joomla and guarantees to make the user place a link in the social network for your content to be browsed.

JL Social Interlock extension options:

  • Guaranteed placement of the link to the page with hidden content.
  • An option for output by category and by tag.
  • Protection against the ban from social networks.
  • Scope settings for the social interlock.
  • Output of the 'Like' number.
  • No frames used.
  •  The following social networks are supported: Google+, Facebook, VK, Twitter.

For more detail please visit the official plugin web site. You may purchase this plugin at our subscriptions web site.

Please note the following subscription limitations: valid for 5 domains only and plugin update period is limited by 180 days.

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