FAQ Slogin

  1. How to reduce the size of the icons google, mail , etc.
    We have posted free sprite with various social networking icons .
  2. Mail creates strange when logging in through " VKontakte " @ vkontakte.com, twitter etc.
    Some social networks do not give e-mail due to security settings if you need a real email address , then you need to go to the settings and specify the component Slogin there setting " Query mail when registering ".
  3. I can not understand where to find the " Merging social networking accounts "?
    To do this you need to create the appropriate menu item Joomla.
  4. How to adjust to after logging out of social media users are assigned to a group poemu purpose , not a group reg.user?
    Group registered user is taken from the Joomla settings .
  5. Redirect to the home page for authorization .
    The reasons can be many basic list :
    • Party component SEF. In most cases, it is necessary to disable the processing of "slogin" means a third party sef.
    • Means to optimize site performance . Disable them or add libraries slogin the exceptions.
  6. Sh404sef and other third-party components SEF Joomla.
    Component can work with third-party SEF but we do not recommend this because of the mechanism of formation is not correct towards the component SEF. However, if you need a third-party SEF component then go to settings and disable any processing component sef component authorization Slogin. This will reduce the load on the server and to avoid problems with authorization , as well as will not clog base unnecessary records.

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