Showing social lock in any place

This method created by us especially for projects that need to hide a coupon code or other regular information that can offer this or that site.

Consider the case when you need to bring a coupon code from an online store Virtuemart in place to acquire. This method will work anywhere in Joomla, template, module, plugin or component.

In the file:


If you have not overridden component template recommended you do so in advance.

In the desired location, insert the following code:

 <div class="inter-lock">
		require_once JPATH_ROOT.'/plugins/content/jllikelock/helpers/helper.php';
		$link = '';
		$hiddenHtml = '<p>TEXT</p>';
		echo plgJLLikeLockHelper::loadLikeLock($hiddenHtml, $link);

$link = ''; - Specify the page of the site, you can specify any page or regular expression generates an array of pages.

$hiddenHtml = '<p>TEXT</ p>'; In quotes you can enter any text with any formatting, it will be displayed when you open the lock.

Warning! In this derivation social plug-lock settings effectively ceased to function, disable this social castle in any category you can not, just this method actually does not allow partially or completely hide the content of the page.

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