Setting JL No Doubles

Initial setup JL No Doubles

Please note that normal operation plug JL No Doubles, only guaranteed with components: k2, Virtuemart, Zoo, Materials Joomla, Joomla menu. All other components can work, but working with them is not guaranteed, all the consequences of their activation and proper operation, you assume.

To configure the plugin, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of the plugin.
  • Select the status of the plugin is "Enabled".
  • Go to the tab "Components" and choose the components you need.
  • To save the settings.

After that will be included redirects. Make sure that all functions on the front of the site are working properly. 

Please note that to activate all components is not necessary, it creates an extra load on your website and not give you any benefits, choose only those components that you use directly on the website and they are available for indexing by search engines.

Specific settings JL No Doubles

License key is required to activate the settings for the components: k2, Virtuemart, Zoo. Without a key you will not be able to use the plugin in these components. The key is you can purchase on our website.

The multiplicity of the limit applies only to articles categories Joomla. In this setting you can set the redirect in the formation of type link /novosti.html?start=6 - you need to specify the number of materials displayed in the categories configured in the General materiah Joomla. Attention, can be a problem if you use categories on the website with different magnification settings materials.

Use a 301 redirect is to do a redirect to the correct page or give a 404 error. We recommend you redirect, the way this page can refer friends to the site and thus you will lose weight.

Alias - in some cases, references in the materials Joomla can be formed thus component/content/article, this option substitutes the alias to such links.

If there are any problems when using the plugin in other components JL No Doubles

If you use any other component that is not officially supported plugin, and what is not happening correctly redirect, with part of the component, you can configure exceptions to it, through the instrument variables.

How to use variables?

Consider for example the exclusion of the component HikaShop.

Suppose we are not satisfied with some kind of forwarding, for example paginate categories of goods.

Disable Joomla SEF at the time (the plugin at this point should also be disabled).

In the category of product we see here is a link:


We think we don't want to filter all categories.

Define a variable:




That is, all view any variable that has the value category will not be handled by redirects.

Ban machining parts links

Sometimes we need to exclude parts of a reference, for example, does not meet the Joomla router or add values of any external services, Direct and Adwords.

For this plug-in implemented a tool of "Stop words". If the word or value is in the link, the plugin skips this link.

How does it work?

Let's say your link is of the format: /news/?gclid=TeSter-123, a value "?gclid=TeSter-123" is added every time when referring to statistics or external services and we have to skip. For this to be added to the list of "stop words" word: "gclid". If the link is to meet the value of the redirect will.

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