Running sitemap.xml generation by cron

The JL Sitemap component has the ability not only to manually start the generation of a sitemap, but to launch the generation of a sitemap on a schedule through the task scheduler of your hosting provider (Cron).

To do this, simply paste the link from the "System - JLSitemap Cron" plugin into the task for Cron.

  1. Go to the settings of the plugin Extensions -> Plugins -> System - JL Sitemap Cron
  2. Select the mode of operation.
    1. Run on client side - the generation is started when the user logs on to any page of the site. At the start there is a time protection and the generation will not run every time you enter the page.
    2. Run through the link for cron. You set up the launch of generating a sitemap through the hosting planner.
  3. If you are satisfied with the option "Run by users", then just make the appropriate setting and nothing else needs to be configured.
  4. Run through the link for the cron
    1. Secret key - Yes
    2. Specify the secret key in the field that appears.
    3. Paste the resulting link in the hosting scheduler.

Setting Cron on hosting

link format:

 It is necessary to add to the job on Cron, we recommend to do it as follows:

wget -O

Please note that it is possible that the crown launch method on your hosting may be very different. Details of the launch crown check with your hosting provider.

Important notes:

If "Run by users" is enabled, the "Secret Key" will be ignored.

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