Installation and setting JL Sitemap

Installation JL Sitemap

  1. Download and install the filter pack using Joomla installer.
  2. Publish the "JLSitemap - Content" plugin for the jlsitemap group. Pre-configure the plugin.

General configuration JL Sitemap

  1. Go to the plugin settings: Extensions -> Plugins -> JLSitemap - Content.
  2. Settings options in the "Articles" and "Categories" tabs (you can leave it as is):
    1. Enable - Yes or No. Add or not add object to sitemap.xml file.
    2. Change Frequency - an indicator for search engines, how often to check the URL.
    3. Priority
  3. Go to Components -> JL Sitemap.
  4. Click the "Generate" button.
  5. After the script is completed, the action log is displayed and the "Site Map" button is unlocked.
  6.  the robots.txt file in the root of the site. Add the "sitemap:" entry to it. is your domain name.

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