Installation and setting Content Cart

Installation Content Cart

  1. Download and install the filter pack using Joomla installer.
  2. Publish the system plugin «Content - Cart».
  3. Publish the module «Content - Cart».

General configuration Content Cart

  1. Go to the plugin settings: Extensions -> Plugins -> Content - Cart.
  2. Set the Cart menu item. To do this, create an article Joomla, tie it to the menu and select this menu item in the "Menu item on the Cart" setting.
  3. Configure the id of the price field:
    1. Use the price? - Turn on "YES"
    2. Price field ID - Specify the Price field ID. For the price field, use the text field of the Joomla material (text). Go through: Content -> Fields -> create -> Specify a title -> Select Field type "Text" -> Filter "Integer value" -> Save. In the list of fields in the rightmost column will be the field ID.
    3.  Currency - just enter the name of the currency: let's say "p." or other value.
  4. Configuring Data Filtering:
    1. Filter type by category - Enable or Exclude.
    2. Select the category or categories of the site where your products are located.
    3. Select the applicability of the Goods and / or Favorites basket.
  5. Order storage category - This special option allows you to save orders in a Joomla article. Create a category for Joomla articles, and in the settings of the shopping cart plugin, select this category. If you are satisfied with sending only to emil, then just select "Do not save".
  6. In the "Customer information" tab, select the information that you need to complete the order.

Special instructions

If you use JL No Doubles - then in stop words add "cart=1"

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