Birthday Joomline us 5 years

Joomline 5 years. We want to congratulate all who have worked and are still working on extensions Joomline, as well as all those who use the extension Joomline.

Traditionally, on this day we give our customers a discount on the extensions JoomLine. 

30% discount you can get on the extensions Joomline coupon JLHB5. 

  • To receive the discount, you must enter the coupon code on the website or
  • Coupon Code JLHB5 allows you to get a 30% discount on the extensions Joomline.
  • Promotion is valid from 03/09/2015 to 15/03/2015 inclusive.

Please note that online sold not only expand Joomline, they discounts do not apply. 

Thanks to everyone who was with us all these 5 years.