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JL Comments

JL Comments
Version 2.6 License Free
Compatibility 2.5 3.x Package p

Description JL Comments

Free Social comments JoomlaJL Comments plugin is a solution designed to integrate comments from social networks into your web site. Allows you to display social comments from Google+, Facebook, Vkontakte, JComments.

We have solved the problem of social comments integration by displaying social network widgets for social networking into tabs with the help of js framework jquery which reduced the plugin size and gave tabs a nice and modern look. Almost 90% of users can leave comments on your web site using their existing accounts in social networks (no authentication at your web site needed). Besides, you will get a new traffic inflow as your users comments will be visible for the friends and acquaintances.

The package includes:

  • Plugin JL Comments

Version for Joomla 1.5 is not supported

Features JL Comments

  1. Full compatibility with Joomla 3.
  2. Full compatibility with Joomla 2.5.
  3. JS jquery framework.
  4. Full support for integration with comment system JComments.
  5. An option to disable and rearrange the tabs.
  6. Using com_content.
  7. Problem of comments loss solved by page duplication.
  8. Correct link definition from social networks.
  9. Tiny size.
  10. Plugin easy installation and setup.
  11. Language selection option.
  12. Language localization files (Russian, English).
  13. Option to disable JS libraries and CSS styles.
  14. Support for social networks: Google+, Facebook, Vkontakte.
  15. Counters comments on the tabs.
  16. A complete set of widgets comments Vkontakte.
  17. A complete set of comments widget Facebook.
  18. Possibility of hiding links from the plugin.
  19. The possibility of administration for the widget comments Google+.

  • Setting JL Comments

    For correct operation of the plug needed for setting APIid it must be registered in the social network vkontakte.ru and be authorized.

    Pass by reference

    See on the site

    Issue: the site name, site address.

    Click on Save.

    Получение APIID для плагина комментарии Вконтакте

    After saving now see the following picture:

    Number that you are interested in the screenshot is outlined in red. Enter it in the appropriate field, the plugin settings. And your website is ready for operation.

    Получение APIID для плагина комментарии Вконтакте

  • Version History


    • CSS fixes for comments Google+.
    • Width settings for each widget comments.
    • Add-ons for CSS adaptability Comments Vkontakte and Facebook.
    • Setting the default width made ​​adaptive.


    • Code cleanup.
    • Correction tabs.
    • Added icons of social networks.
    • Added language variables to tabs.


    • Updated CSS plugin.
    • Reorganized the plugin admin panel .
    • Fix for Google+.
    • Added option to administer comments Google+.
    • Bugfix .


    • Fix comments facebook.
    • Added option to select the color scheme Facebook.
    • Added option to sort comments FaceBook.
    • Added option to hide links .


    • Code cleanup .
    • Removed unused libraries and css files .
    • Added a setting to control CSS.
    • Added update server .
    • Bug fixes .
    • Corrections relating to HTML module Joomla.
    • Corrections to counter categories JComments.


    • Tabs Bootstrap.
    • Library management for Joomla 2.5.
    • Abridged css for Joomla 2.5.
    • Counter comments on the tabs .
    • Comments Google+.
    • Isolation of linguistic variables.
    • Localization English.
    • Updated code widgets.
    • Support for Joomla 3.1


    • Full support of commenting jcomments (counted API jcomments 2.3).
    • The ability to disable tabs.
    • Management of the order in which they appear.
    • Changes installer.


    • Fix the problem with the moderator widget social network facebook.
    • Enter the settings which can eliminate the problem with Mootools Upgrade plugin for joomla 1.5.


    • The final release for joomla 1.5


    • The final release for joomla 1.7

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