Visual editor Joomla - Froala Editor

Visual editor Joomla - Froala Editor
Version 2.1 License Not supported
Compatibility 3.x Package p

Froala Editor - a WYSIWYG editor plugin for Joomla

Visual editor for Joomla based on the library Froala, is now available for Joomla 3. In the editor, not a lot of options and extensions however it is much superior to the built-in editor Joomla.

Package includes:

  • Сomponent Manager.
  • Plugin WYSIWYG editor.
  • Plugin connection styles for the visual editor.

The extension was removed because of conflicts with the rights holders library Froala. The developers js library Froala unilaterally changed the license agreement that did not allow the existence of the editor extension for Joomla, even with an OEM license.

Features Froala Editor

  • Support for Joomla 3.
  • Languages: Russian and English.
  • Easy setup and installation.
  • Wide possibilities to edit HTML.
  • Built-in source code editor.
  • Drag & drop, browse or paste an URL to insert an image.
  • Support for embedding the video.
  • Support upload files.
  • Multiple levels of security.
  • SEO optimized HTML code.
  • Quality cleaning of HTML code you insert.
  • Support built-in browser spell checker.
  • Profiles system for different Joomla users.
  • The constructor of the editor panels.
  • The permissions management component.
  • The ability to specify a separate folder for images and files for each user.
  • Pre-defined user profiles.
  • Setting the standard width of the image when uploading.
  • Support prefixes icons.

  • Version History


    • Update libraries editor.
    • Added Estonian language for the editor.
    • Added setting the standard width for a loaded image.
    • Added setting of allowed prefixes for the icons.
    • Added setting the resize editor.
    • Changing the appearance of the component.
    • Change language files.


    • Added Manager component
    • Added profile system
    • Added the constructor of the editor panels.
    • Added rights management system component.
    • Added ability to specify a separate folder for images and files for each user.
    • Added preset profiles.
    • Fixed strings.
    • Fixed button of their styles.
    • Fixed custom button classes.
    • Fixed setting "disable browser context menu".
    • Changed syntax to add your own classes and styles.
    • Changed the system of work with images.
    • Improves compatibility with various components of Joomla.
    • Updated library editor.


    • The final version of the editor


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