JL No Doubles - plugin remove duplicates of pages

Version 2.3.1 License Free
Compatibility 3.x Package p

Description JL No Doubles

JL no DoublesJL No Doubles - this plugin is designed to reduce duplicate pages on the site , it makes a redirect to the same site pages to the correct page.

It is not all pages that can generate Joomla, and all they can get into the search engine index . It's actually not very nice when you go to Google webmaster and see the place on your site 100 pages in 1000 , and even more. Because of this, your site can rank poorly and generally experience a lot of difficulties .

This plugin is a simple and convenient tool in order to reduce duplication several times. Our site has reduced duplication 4 times after you start using this plugin.

The plugin is based on Shnodoubles, plug free and transferred Hekima support Joomline.

The kit includes:

  • Plugin JL No Doubles.

Attention! The plugin does not work with any third-party components SEF! SEF Joomla must be enabled .

In Joomla page can have multiple addresses, and still remain the same page.

For example Joomline site has these pages:






Features JL NO Doubles

  • Support Joomla 3.
  • Support for Joomla 2.5 (last version 2.2.0).
  • Location: Russian and English.
  • Ability to configure a 301 redirect to the correct page.
  • Ability to give a 404 error not in contact with the correct page.
  • Ability to specify exceptions to any component installed on site.
  • Working with com_content.
  • Working with menu Joomla.
  • Support: K2, Virtuemart, ZOO, JoomShopping. (license required).
  • Support category Joomla, correctly processed and various pagination doubles categories, com_tag.
  • Support for exceptions to the words. Useful for all sorts of statistical systems and extensions that do not comply with the rules of the router Joomla.
  • Support for multilingual sites.
  • Support of 8-UTF links.

  • Version History


    • Additional processings if aren't connected libraries.
    • Corrections for a component of tags.
    • Corrections for the disconnected Joomla router.
    • Corrections of a pagination.
    • Corrections for ZOO.
    • Corrections for Virtuemart.


    • Support urlEncode.
    • Support component tags.
    • Support JoomShopping. (license required).


    • Automatic detection of pagination settings depending on the category of com_content.
    • Support for variables tmpl.
    • Improvements for Virtuemart.
    • Corrections for the selected com_content.
    • Bugfixes.


    • Corrections for Virtuemart.


    • Fix for stop words.
    • Fix for multi-language sites.
    • Fixes for com_content.
    • Fixes for virtuematr.


    • Expanded support for K2.
    • Expanded support for Virtuemart.
    • Expanded support Zoo.
    • Fixed bugs.
    • Added support for categories com_content.
    • Added a system of exceptions do not support a router Joomla.
    • Added licensing system.


    • Final release for Joomla 3.
    • Porting functions with Joomla 2.5.
    • Error correction, updating the code in relation to the new requirements of Joomla.
    • Isolation of linguistic variables.
    • Localization into English.


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