Module JL VKgroup

Module JL VKgroup
Version 2.5.2 License Free
Compatibility 1.5 2.5 3.x Package m

Description JL VKgroup

Popular module for integration of Vkontakte group. The module allows you to display members from groups and communities of Vkontakte popular social network.

Module enables the user to subscribe to your group, community or public pages news in one click without leaving your web site. This allows you to attract more visitors to your web site into a social group.

At the moment, the module uses all the functionality and features available with Vkontakte social network.

The package includes:

  • Module JL VKgroup

Version for Joomla 1.5 is not supported

Features JL VKgroup

  1. Compatability with Joomla 1.5(not supported),  Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.
  2. You may specify the width.
  3. Specify the block height.
  4. Multiple operation modes (users photo, short mode without photo, latest group news display).
  5. Simple and extended wall mode.
  6. Vkontakte group module displays information from the groups, public pages, and other community pages of Vkontakte.
  7. Ability to change the color of the widget: background, text, buttons group.
  8. Ability to hide the links posted in the module.
  9. Support multi-module.

Setting JL VKgroup

After installing the module, you must configure it. To do this, specify the ID of your group, you can get the address of your group, it looks like this:

Look at the numbers at the end of reference 17291036 - this is a group ID, which you need to enter into the module.

If your group is renamed, is as follows:

You should follow this link

Insert a link to the group in the form as shown in the picture.

Модуль группы вконтакте

Red underline id group that you want to insert the module.

  • Version History


    • Added multimodular.
    • Corrections for avtoapdeyta module.
    • Correction of linguistic variables.


    • Removing short PHP tags.
    • Option to hide links placed in the module.


    • Bugfix.
    • Updated widget.
    • Ability to change the color of the widget: background, text, buttons group.


    • Tested for compatibility with Joomla 3.
    • Added option for simple and extended display wall.
    • Added language variable.


    • Complete refactoring of the module. Module rewrite the requirements of joomla 2.5.
    • Added language files Russian and English.


    • Added Height.
    • Added parameter module class suffix.


    • Fixed bug with not possible compatibility of different widgets Facebook.


    • Tested and debugged for joomla 1.7.
    • Suffixed with CSS-class module.


    • Added ability to update via admin panel joomla 1.6 (recommended to update the module through the complete removal of the module and install it back again)


    • The module has been updated for changes widget vkontakte.
    • The module is fully compatible with joomla 1.6


    • Actualization of the module under renovation widget JavaScript.
    • Added the option of wall.


    • final release

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