JL Social Comments PRO

JL Social Comments PRO
Version 1.9.1 License Commercial
Compatibility 2.5 3.x Package p

Joomla plugin social commentary


Description JL Social Comments PRO

JL Social Comments PROJL Social Comments PRO - social comments plugin allows you to integrate widget components in Joomla. Currently the plugin supports integration with components: Zoo, K2, EasyBlog, JoomShopping, VirtueMart ADSmanager and in one click.

Supports the following services:

  1. Cackle
  2. SVKament
  3. Disqus
  4. Hypercomments

The package includes:

  • Plugin JL Social Comments PRO.
  • Plugin integration ADSmanager.
  • Plugin integration JoomShopping.
  • Element ZOO.
  • Module last comments for service SVKamment.
  • Updates plug-in for 180 days.

Note: JoomLine is not a Cackle service, we distribute plugins only and, hence, are only liable for the plugin. The plugin cost does not include any Cackle service tariff plan.

Table plugin technologie support

  Cackle Disqus SV Kament Hypercomments
Content Joomla        
CCK K2      
CCK Zoo  
Blog EasyBlog        
Shop JoomShopping    
Shop VirtueMart    
Componet ADSmanager    
Synchronization of the database  
Indexing comments    
Closure of the external links from indexing        
Module recent comments      
Output counter comments *    
Multilingual **      
Log SSO ***        
Manual output        
Lack of duplicate comments

* Supports Joomla blog category and CCK K2.

** The list of languages ​​for each service is unique. Can support is not available for all languages ​​of any service.

*** Available only in connection with certain options, or service plan.

General information about compatibility and support technologies:

  • Support Joomla 3 / Joomla 2.5
  • Working with K2 CCK 2.5/2.6.
  • Working with the shop VirtueMart v2.xx.
  • Working with the message board ADSmanager.
  • Working with the component store JoomShopping 4.x/3.xx.
  • Working with CCK ZOO 3/2.6.
  • Working with the blog component EasyBlog.
  • Working with standard materials Joomla (com_content).
  • Easy to install plugin.
  • Support the possibility to indicate the comment block output for the specified components.
  • Protection against duplication of comments on different pages.

  • Version History


    • Added support Disqus.
    • Added support Hypercomments.
    • Added synchronization service with comments SVKament.
    • Added indexing comments SVKament.
    • Added output option counter recent comments in the blog categories and favorites Joomla materials for Disqus, SVKament, Hypercomments.
    • Added support for K2 blog categories Disqus, SVKament, Hypercomments.
    • Updated plugin admin panel, new options and tabs to support new services.


    • Added module recent comments service SVKament.
    • Correction of errors in the Zoo.
    • Added additional conditions for EasyBlog.


    • Support JoomShopping 4.
    • Support service SVKAMENT.
    • Protestirovna database migration from Cackle in service SVKAMEN.
    • Restored with the API for downloading comments to the database service from Cackle. (Cackle made intentional changes are not documented)
    • Reworked plugin settings.


    • Correction of a mistake by sending header CURL (). Depending on the type of hosting.
    • Indexing: Added an option to clean the entire table with comments.
    • Added option to complete cleaning tables with comments.
    • Added the ability to output component EasyBlog
    • Added displaying the number of comments in the blog category.


    • Controlling output plugin.
    • Plugin for ZOO converted into element ZOO.
    • Refactoring.
    • Bugfix.
    • Changes in the system of indexing comments.
    • Support for HTTPS.
    • Support for ADSManger over version 2.6.


    • Bugfix
    • Refactoring
    • Added plugin ZOO
    • Option backup site database Joomla.
    • Version for Joomla 1.5
    • Added setting hiding indexing options.


    • Correction of errors.
    • Compatibility mode with comments of the original widget Cackle.
    • Added languages Front: Belarusian, Spanish, Greek, French, Romanian, Armenian, Georgian.


    • The ability to save comments to a database with the subsequent possibility of indexing.


    • bugfix
    • SSO - the opportunity to comment on the authorized users joomla (testing option may be a problem with IE 10/9)


    • Create an installation package.
    • Improved support for Joomla 3.
    • Bugfix.


    • Support for K2 2.6.
    • Support ADSmanager.
    • Support JoomShopping.
    • Compatible with joomla 3.0 (test version)
    • Fixed bugs with display.


    • The final release of JL Cackle PRO for joomla 1.7


    Module JL Cackle Last Comments

    A module to enable a JL Cackle comments plugin develop into a mature comments system. Now you can display the latest comments in any part of the web site making it possible for your users to socialize more vividly making highly debated topics more attractive. The module is easy to configure, and requires no special knowledge.

    Module features:

    • User avatar size configuration.
    • Displayed comment character number configuration.
    • Displayed comment number configuration
    • Module class CSS suffix.


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