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Description JL Like

JL LikeJL Like is an experimental plugin designed for adding of the popular social networks buttons.

Plugin is based on a 'share' technology of social networks:Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Classmates, Google+, Yandex, My World, Linkedin, Pinteres.

The package includes:

  • Plugin JL Like

Version for Joomla 1.5 is not supported


Features JL Like

  1. Support Joomla 3 .
  2. Support for Joomla 2.5.
  3. Support for Joomla 1.5 ( not supported).
  4. Support for social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Classmates, Google+, Yandex, My World, Linkedin, Pinteres.
  5. Enabling or disabling the social media buttons .
  6. Counter references page in social networks.
  7. Correct definition of the page address .
  8. Selecting priority domain .
  9. Output option in the blog category.
  10. No external links on social networks.
  11. Light weight plugin Joomla.
  12. No frames and social networking browser .
  13. Location: Russian and English .
  14. Ability to disable loading JQuery.
  15. Methods for obtaining data file_get_content () or CURTL ().
  16. Output option anywhere in the article Joomla.


внешний вид на фронте
внешний вид на фронте
админка плагина
админка плагина
Как это работает
Как это работает

Version History

Version History


  • Corrections JS.
  • Corrections language variables.


  • Refactoring .
  • Update CSS.
  • Update JS.
  • Added option to display content in categories Joomla.
  • Added option to output in any area articles Joomla.
  • Added partial support for Cyrillic domains.
  • Added buttons : Yandex , My World , Linkedin, Pinteres.
  • Improved work with pictures.
  • Added one when you click on the social network .
  • Bugfix.
  • Removed Ukrainian localization.


  • Corrections relating to get the number of likes of Facebook.
  • Corrections relating to get the number of likes of VK.


  • Change css styles.
  • Bugfix .
  • Added Ukrainian translation.


  • Correction of possible problems with the router .
  • Fix the problem with the Facebook button in Google Chrome
  • Processing errors related to the unavailability of the service returns likes .
  • Automatic Update plugin through admin likes Joomla


  • Added a setting to disable JQuery.
  • bugfix
  • Added a setting to select the method of obtaining data file_get_content () or CURTL ()


  • Corrections for social networks.
  • Highlighted language variable.
  • Translated into English.
  • The problem with the output in HTML modules joomla.
  • Last Verweij for joomla 1.5.


  • Correction of errors associated with upgrading network google+.


  • Fixed a bug related to the change of algorithm google+


  • Porting plugin for joomla 1.5


  • Bugfix - improved compatibility with other extensions.


  • Turning off the buttons of social networks.
  • Social networking classmates and google+.
  • Correction of errors.
  • Improving compatibility.


  • The final release for joomla 2.5

Integration: VirtueMart, JoomShopping, K2, ZOO, EasyBlog и ADSmanager

JL Social Comments PRO

JL Social Comments PRO

It is a commercial plugin made for your convenience, aggregates with com_content, Zoo, K2, EasyBlog, JoomShopping, VirtueMart, ADSmanager into one...

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