JL Social Interlock

JL Social Interlock
Version 2.1.0 License Free
Compatibility 3.x Package p

Social lock for Joomla

JL Social InterlockYou may say, I have already seen this somewhere. Sure you have, however, the difference is now we can provide you with a guaranteed "like", as opposed to similar products. What does it mean? We use the 'Share' button and test if there has been a "like" pressed while all the competitive products analogues would either just test if the social network window has been closed, or use the "like" button which does not necessarily place a link on a social network to your web page.

At the moment, we offer a plugin operable with 6 main social networks: Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook.

Support component Joomla: K2, Zoo, JoomShopping, Virtuemart, Easyblog.

Note: 'curl' is required for this plugin operation.

JL Social Interlock plugin features

  • Compatibility with Joomla 2.5.
  • Guaranteed link placement on a social network. Unless the link has not been placed the hidden content will not be visible.
  • Customized with a help of tag. You may select a section in your Joomla content and lock it with the Socilal Interlock.
  • Customized with a help of category. All the content belonging with the category specified will be locked with a Social Interlock.
  • Support K2.
  • Support ZOO.
  • Support JoomShopping.
  • Support Virtuemart.
  • Support Easyblog.
  • Count of the “like” quantity.
  • Protection against ban for "count cheating" on social networks.
  • Language support: Russian, English.
  • Customized color of the block.
  • Customized text in the block.
  • Customized social network count display.
  • 100% customizable outlook.
  • Support issues of social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter.
  • In the tag, launch the plugin can be specified URL.
  • The option to show only the lock is not authorized users.
  • Special snippet that allows to deduce social castle anywhere in the site on Joomla.


To customize with the help of tags please use the following format:

{jllikelock} your text {/jllikelock}


{jllikelock url=http://site.ru}text{/jllikelock}

  • Version History


    • Fixed opening social of the castle Facebook.
    • Fixes for mobile devices and social network Facebook.


    • Displaying anywhere template Joomla.
    • Removed social network classmates.
    • Optimized Vkontakte.
    • Error correction K2 and ZOO.
    • Optimization search algorithm picture.
    • Fixed language variables.


    • Added integration with JoomShopping.
    • Added integration with Virtuemart.
    • Added integration with Easyblog.
    • Improved search images on the page.
    • Bugfix.


    • Support CCK ZOO.
    • Corrections concerning correct definition pictures on the page.
    • Correct the problem too long description page .
    • Corrections to provide a reference on the side of the page tag .
    • Corrections to determine the number of likes on Google+


    • Fixing problems with the integration of K2.


    • Updated jq framework.
    • Reworked plugin admin panel .
    • Excluded output modules .
    • Full support for k2.
    • Bugfix .


    • Full refactoring plugin.
    • Added option to hide the text for hotel guests only .
    • Added ability to specify a URL in the tag castle.
    • Support K2 ( test).
    • Added support for the social network Classmates .
    • Added support for the social network My world.
    • Increased stability of opening of the lock .
    • Increased speed of opening of the lock .


    • Increased stability of opening of the lock .
    • Updated methods of work with FaceBook.
    • The problem with reference to the material Joomla.


    • Improves stability when opening the lock husky on Google.
    • Bug fixes .
    • Improved compatibility with other plugins .
    • Added handling of hash tags.


    • Bug fixes .
    • Improves stability when opening the lock husky on Vkontakte.
    • Fixed problems with styles.
    • Added support for Joomla 3 .
    • Added the ability to completely hide the text.


    •  The final release is for Joomla 2.5

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