JL Votes

JL Votes
Version 1.4 License Not supported
Compatibility 1.5 Package c m

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Description JL Votes

Unique voting creation component. Sets a different level of standard for web site voting. The advantages of using this component: enhancing the response of the audience, more objective results, rich functionality.

The package includes:

  • Voting component JLvotes
  • Plugin
  • 2 modules

Features JL Votes

  1. Fully compatible with Joomla 1.5 in Native mode
  2. Usablity; it is very easy for the user to make a choice as there are two options, "yes" or "no".
  3. Easy setup and installation.
  4. Great response from the audience; during our tests the number of votes has increased nearly three-fold.
  5. Voting feature is enabled only for registered users.
  6. Users can change their opinion.
  7. The vote can be placed both in all articles and in a separate article using {jlvotes} code.
  8. Multilanguage support: Russian and English.

  • Version History


    • Fixed a bug that is associated to the subdirectory ustavnokoy joomla site.


    • package can be put on top of a previous installation and the table does not remove
    • generation of notice
    • deleting tables on uninstallation
    • drop table if installs


    • Added ability to disable voting in the selected articles
    • Added buttons insert tags on / off voting in the articles when editing
    • Now all three plug-in set and deleted automatically! Need to install only the components.
    • Fixed language file


    • Stable release of the component

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