Showing buttons plugin JL Like PRO in any place

This method created by us especially for sites that use extensions that are not supported by us.

An example of the integration of plug JL Like PRO in the forum Kunena.

In file:


If you have not overridden component template is recommended you do in advance.

We are looking for a div with class kcontainer and paste the following code:

require_once JPATH_ROOT .'/plugins/content/jllikepro/helper.php';
$helper = PlgJLLikeProHelper::getInstance();
echo $helper->ShowIN($id, $link, $title, $image);


If you output plug-in component category, the parameter: $helper->loadScriptAndStyle(0); change the 0 to 1. However, working with multi-links can not be guaranteed in each component is implemented in different ways and it is impossible to predict all the action.