Documentation extansion JL Social Comments PRO. The section highlights the key moments to setup and use the plugin.

Getting IDs of services social commentary

To work correctly, plugin JL Social Comments PRO, in the plugin settings you want to configure at least one social service, as well as to choose customized service in general plugin settings. At the same time can only run one service comments.

Setting comments Cackle

To work correctly, you want to get the widget Cackle parameter ID Site. To do this, go to his office to Cackle under "Install" to choose a site on which you installed the plugin. A window for setting the widget Cackle. Bottom of the page select the tab CMS platform, select CMS Joomla.

Настройка cackle

You will see the following picture:

Id cackle

Site ID field value in the appropriate field, copy the plugin tab Cackle.

For complete customization of the plugin and get all the features you need to copy the parameter Acount API Key and Site API Key, you may need if you want to sync comments with base and authorization SSO (single sign-on).

After saving, you can activate the settings:

  • SSO - SSO authentication
  • Enable indexing - comments begin stored in the site database.
  • Must comments - comments begin to be displayed in the HTML code of your site open for indexing by search engines.

Setting comments SVKament

To configure the service SVKament commenting you need to get the "Short name of the site." To do this you need to go to the admin control panel widgets SVKament. Choose a site, go to Settings => General. Insert the "Short name of the site" in the corresponding field in the plugin.

Setting comments SVKament

After the basic setup, you can enable indexing comments.

Setting comments Disqus

To get the "short name in the Disqus" you need to pass your personal account Disqus. Select the menu item "Settings", on the next page to find the parameter "Shortname". Copy setting it in the plug-in "Short name Disqus".

Setting comments Disqus

Setting comments Hypercomments

For the parameter "ID Widget" you need to go to settings personal cabinet Hypercomments. Select your desired site and copy the numbers from the ID field of the widget.

Setting comments hypercomments

System Requirements JL Social Comments PRO

We do not deal with web server configuration, and do not deal with the diagnosis, web server configuration, advice on setting up and detect problems with the server software we do not provide.

Carefully read the requirements to plug JL Social Comments PRO:

  • Joomla 2.5 release 2.5.6 or above Joomla 3.x.
  • Version PHP 5.2 and above, we recommend PHP 5.3.
  • MySQL 5.0.41 or higher.
  • Curl Support.
  • Finding a site in on the existing DNS address, as social networks are turning directly to the site.

This highlights required by your server. However, we note that it is possible that there may be other problems with the web server settings.

Attention! Widgets work services social commentary at the closed site or the site is located on a local web server can not be carried out correctly.