Documentation extansion JL Like PRO and JL Like.

Showing buttons plugin JL Like PRO in any place

This method created by us especially for sites that use extensions that are not supported by us.

An example of the integration of plug JL Like PRO in the forum Kunena.

In file:


If you have not overridden component template is recommended you do in advance.

We are looking for a div with class kcontainer and paste the following code:

require_once JPATH_ROOT .'/plugins/content/jllikepro/helper.php';
$helper = PlgJLLikeProHelper::getInstance();
echo $helper->ShowIN($id, $link, $title, $image);


If you output plug-in component category, the parameter: $helper->loadScriptAndStyle(0); change the 0 to 1. However, working with multi-links can not be guaranteed in each component is implemented in different ways and it is impossible to predict all the action.

Configuring plugins JL Like and JL Like PRO

General setup plugins

After installing the plugin is required to perform a number of steps to configure the plugin.

  1. Go to the plugin
  2. Find the "priority domain.".
  3. Specify the domain in format or depending on which domain is essential.

Setting the display of the plugin materials Joomla:

Enable AutoAdd and specify the category of materials which do not need to show plugin (plugin JL Like PRO is necessary to specify the categories in which you want to display a button).

Notes on configuring the plug JL Like PRO

  • Please note that for components ZOO, K2, Joomshoping and ASDmaneger want to include special plug-ins. After inclusion of plug-ins for these components, you can activate the output to the main plug JL Like PRO.
  • If the plugin is not displayed JL LIke PRO component VirtueMart probable that you have not enabled setting "plugin support Joomla" in the component VirtueMart.

Ability to output plugins JL Like and JL Like PRO

Displaying items by tag JL Like:

{ jllike } - for output plugin (without the spaces)

{ jllike-off } - to prohibit output (without the spaces)

Displaying items by tag JL Like PRO

{ jllikepro } - for output plugin (without the spaces)

{ jllikepro-off } - to prohibit output (without the spaces)

Setting JL Like PRO in  ZOO

To integrate plugin created element. Element is installed when you install the main plugin JL Like PRO. In the folder:


After setting an item, it must be configured.

To do this, you need a manager application ZOO. Suppose to the application in view Blog Article add a JLLikePro Zoo Element. Then the template you can add an item and adjust the order of output elements.

Setting the field identifiers in the element JL Like PRO Zoo:

  1. Go to the Zoo material /administrator/index.php?option=com_zoo&controller=manager&group=blog&task=editelements&cid[]=article
  2. Right click on the desired field interested in the value input, so you can find the value just to html page code:
    <input type="text" name="elements[c26feca6-b2d4-47eb-a74d-b067aaae5b90][name]" value="Image" class="">
  3. c26feca6-b2d4-47eb-a74d-b067aaae5b90 - this is the identifier of the field, it is introduced into the appropriate field.

Advanced Settings JL Like PRO.


  • To load JQuery library - the total loading of the library JQuery (if you already have it on the site, do not use it)
  • JQuery to load in the content - loading JQuery library materials only in Joomla.

Section library loading

If you work all right, you should not change this setting, if the buttons do not work, try switching the load on the "Section 2".

Type of retrieve data

This setting is introduced for compatibility with a variety of hosting, setting switches methods of obtaining likes of social networking, some hosting sites are sometimes not correctly configured get_content in this case, try to use a method cURL.


Sets the style of the buttons on the left and the right in the output of the main site content.

Setting a manual output JL Like PRO

For some components it is possible to move or set an arbitrary location on the output page, thereby controlling the output plugin.

To do this you need to switch to manual output. Select "Yes" in the "Enable manual output". In the "Specify the location of the output plug-in", set the unit and output class.

How to do this, open the HTML code of the page and find some sort of div or span.

<span class="readonly">JoomLine Like PRO</span>

span - unit.

readonly - class.

System Requirements JL Like and JL Like PRO

We do not deal with web server configuration, and do not deal with the diagnosis, web server configuration, advice on setting up and detect problems with the server software we do not provide.

Carefully read the requirements to plug JL Like and JL Like PRO:

  • Joomla 2.5 release 2.5.6 or above Joomla 3.x.
  • Version PHP 5.2 and above, we recommend PHP 5.3.
  • MySQL 5.0.41 or higher.
  • Curl Support of file_getcontent
  • Finding a site in on the existing DNS address, as social networks are turning directly to the site.

This highlights required by your server. However, we note that it is possible that there may be other problems with the web server settings.

Attention! Widgets work services social commentary at the closed site or the site is located on a local web server can not be carried out correctly.